SEPTEMBER 14-21, 2020

MAY 3-10, 2021

MAY 17-24, 2021

             International tourist guide Felipe Trigo and Atlas Obscura travel agency are pleased to present their extraordinary trip to Andalusia. From immense palaces to imposing cathedrals, Andalusia's most impressive architecture continues to perpetuate the myth of the kingdoms of Al-Andalus. On this trip we will explore southern Spain through the history and art of the empires and kingdoms of its past. We will visit Seville, Cordoba and Granada and its most universal monuments: the Cathedral of Seville, the Mosque of Cordoba and the Alhambra. Our trip is an unrepeatable opportunity for a night visit to the Alcázar of Seville and Casa de Pilatos, enjoying a banquet at the Palacio de Viana and discover the subterranean world of the Rodríguez Acosta Foundation.

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Atlas Obscura Trips Sevilla
Atlas Obscura Trips Córdoba
Atlas Obscura Trips Córdoba
Atlas Obscura Trips Granada

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